Get involved with your local homeless shelter this Christmas.

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Working in the property industry, we spend every day finding people new homes to live in. Sometimes it is easy to forget about the people who don’t have any home at all. This time of year is especially important to turn our thoughts to those people as the weather turns colder and the nights grow darker.

At Tucker Gardner last year, we took part in the Reverse Advent Calendar, where each day we all brought in an item of food, clothing, or toiletries that may be needed by a homeless person. By the end of December we had lots of gifts to take to our local homeless shelter which were gratefully received.

This year we would like to make it even bigger and better by inviting everyone in Cambridge to drop by our office on Hills Road with items to donate. This can be anything from a spare can of beans to blankets, jumpers, hats and scarfs. Dog food is also a very useful item to donate if you can. 

We look forward to seeing you all with your lovely donations.

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