Four estate agent myths uncovered

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In a world that is seemingly led by the internet, it’s important to remember that not everything we read online is true. As with everything in life, there are a number of estate agent myths and I would like to set the record straight and point out what makes TuckerGardner different.

Myth 1: All estate agents are the same
This is like saying that all teachers are the same or all supermarkets are the same. We may all do the same job, but the way we go about our business really does set TuckerGardner apart. Our whole focus is based on spreading our ‘buyers net’ as far and wide as possible in order to find you a buyer – not just any buyer, but the best buyer fitting in with your own circumstances and requirements, and ideally at the highest possible price too.

Myth 2: Internet estate agents are cheaper
At TuckerGardner, we work on a NO SALE, NO FEE basis. Put simply, if we do not find you a willing and able purchaser that proceeds to exchange of contracts, we do not get paid. What bigger incentive can we have in finding you a buyer. Most internet-only estate agents charge an up-front fee and will often charge extra for a For Sale board, photos, floorplans, and some even charge extra to arrange viewings.

There is little incentive for such an estate agent to find you a buyer once you have paid your money in advance. At TuckerGardner we know the areas we are selling in and can price the house accordingly based on demand from our list of potential buyers already registered on our buyers database.

Myth 3: Just put your house on Rightmove and it will sell
Nowadays, most buyers start their house search using a search engine such as Rightmove or Zoopla. This generates a number of leads from potential buyers who are then registered on our buyers database. Often, these buyers go on to buy other properties that we are offering for sale, as we do not advertise all of our properties online.

Myth 4: You should choose the agent who says they will sell your house for the highest price
Your choice of agent should be down to their overall experience and knowledge. While it may be appealing to price your home high, it’s more important to choose an estate agent who you can trust and you feel will work in your best interest, and also help you with your onward purchase or move.

By Gavin Human, from TuckerGardner

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